Katie Rowney's debut Front Page News was published in May 2016 by Penguin Random House, after being selected from its open submissions pile.

She is a recovering journalist, current communications wizard and owner of far too much china. She grew up on Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, and only made it as far as the big smoke of Brisbane city before settling down with her husband Magnus, two dogs and one cat.

She reads a minimum of three books a week, has an unhealthy obsession with David Bowie and tries to live her life as Indiana Jones would. You can find her on twitter @KatieRowney, but don’t expect anything intelligent.

Other places you can read my work

Aside from a lot of non-fiction writing for the day job, you can find more of my writing in Little Wren, a magazine for young people who don't want to keep up with the Kardashians.

You can also find my convoluted thoughts under the Blog tab above, or chat with me on twitter or instagram, below.