Frequently asked questions

What’s your book called?

Several titles are still being tossed around. Please buy me is my hot favourite.

What’s it about?

Scroll up and check out the Book page for a synopsis.

Can I read it?

Sure! When it’s published, which will hopefully be in the first half of 2016.

Am I in it?

This one’s commonly asked by friends, family, co-workers, people I went to school with and can barely remember. No guys. It’s a work of fiction. Maybe you share some characteristics with some people in the book, but that is coincidental. Unless you’re the killer. You definitely inspired the killer. And, and that creepy guy that dies on page 32? You also inspired him.

How did you get a book deal/ published?

I wrote a book. This is a key first step. Then I sat on it for a while, then I did a lot of editing, then I thought “I am actually making this worse each time I revise it. Probably best to leave it alone for a while. I’m going to send it to the slush pile of every major publisher that accepts open submissions, and then I can finally exorcise this novel from my mind”. And then a miracle happened - a commissioning editor at Penguin picked it up from that slush pile, liked it, and eventually made me an offer.

Is this your first book?

Yup. This was the very first novel I sat down and tried to write. But I was a journalist for five years, and now work in media and communications, so I write stories everyday, just factual ones full of quotes from actual, live people.

Your bio says you read at least three books a week. Seriously?

Seriously. And I read everything from Stephen King to Meg Cabot to Jane Austen to Neil Gaiman. There is no genre I don’t enjoy. I will read the tag on the back of your shirt if you stand still long enough. That’s not weird, right?