We join our hero a month on...

So. Today marks a month since Front Page News “officially” hit shelves (it was out at a few books stores earlier). What have I been up to since then? Aside from panicking, quietly, in a corner?

I had a book launch – the Front Page News Booze-Up – which involved chicken wings and beer and me trying to get out of a question and answer session that my cousin dragged me in to.

I gave a guest talk at my old uni, QUT, and gleefully reminded the staff and students that I nearly failed the one creative writing class I took there.

I appeared on 612 ABC breakfast – the biggest breakfast show in Brisbane – and threatened the host with bodily harm for making me do my first live reading.

I wrote about four books that changed me for the Sydney Morning Herald.

And I got to talk to the wonderful Kimberly Foster for the Your Creative Life podcast.

Oh. And I did a lot of assignments.